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October 2014
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  • 百家乐
  • The Bride’s Trousseau

    Indians are very superstitious by nature, they have wedding season. In India, we do not have wedding in any month but there are particular months, which is considered as the auspicious month for wedding. Once the date and time is decided, the elaborate planning of Indian wedding starts. It is rightly termed as the big fat Indian Wedding. The first piece which is brought or ordered is the dress of the bride which is generally Ghagra Cholis. It is done with absolute care and love. Then the family works on the trousseau of the bride which is a collection of all that is bright and colourful. The collection starts from sarees and salwar kameez. Saree market is a very disorganised and scattered market; it is very rare that you will find collection of all types of sarees from all over India at one place. Even it is available at
    one place there is sure to be discontent over the price over of the material.

    Bargaining goes hand in hand with bridal shopping, still we are not sure if the material of saree is authentic or not. There is so much uncertainty over the shopping. Let us move ahead as the living style is changing, parents even look for trendy tops for their dear daughter. To find all this at one shop is unbelievable and that too at an affordable rate.But now this is actually possible, we do not need to go beyond out computer and everything will be home delivered. This not only saves from running here and there but shows myriad of collection. When you are online, it becomes easy to see style and designing of some fashion labels for Ghagra cholis. We can even order them online and get them delivered to our home. An easy solution to the most troublesome shopping!

    So, now you are free to use and devote the time at other work. Wedding planning needs lot of work and decision making.If you are apprehensive about will you be able to get variety in sarees and salwar kameez, then we would be glad to share that online stores have collection of sarees of different types like Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Ghatchola, Paithani, Gharwal, Designer sarees and many more. A good online store has all genuine material and there is no cheating and what so ever. Even these stores know they would gain from word of mouth. It is a prestige issue for them.

    These stores also have some excellent collection of salwar kameez starting from Patiala suit, simple suit, pant style suit and some more. Even the range of kurta is varied and you will get many choices. The online apparel stores also have designer salwar kameez for your trousseau.As we move ahead, you will be not disappointed by their collection of Trendy Tops. You can find halter neck top, sequinned and panelled top, designer and simple daily wear style.You will find everything at one place. There is no need to run around. You also get the chance to compare the collection and the cost.So go online and prepare your trousseau.

    About the Author

    Emily William is author of most popular Indian online clothing and is writing reviews and articles on Ghagra cholis & Tops,Kids Wear, Trendy Tops,Tubs Tops, Mens Wear

    A Pair of Fur Boots, Do You Have?

    When winter is coming, it gets colder and colder. Increasingly cold weather while fashion market is becomeing hotter and hotter. Fur boots walked into the fashionable T stage this winter and got fashionistas’ favorites quickly.
    In this cold winter, you will have many chances to wear a pair of beautiful fur boots. Fur boots are in fashion this season. In Christian Louboutin store, you can see the latest style of fur boots. I think many young and beautiful girls will never loose the chance. However, maybe you will think about that what clothes can go with the beautiful fur boots? Here, I will give you some tips about this question, and I think if you follow with my advices, you will have a satisfied winter this year.
    You’d better wear your smart and lovely fur boots with bare legs. As your legs’ slim and smooth lines are covered by warm fur, so you can buy a pair of Louboutin fur boots instead of a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, you will never feel cold in any cold day.
    Luxurious and high-sounding fur boots are properly worn matched with wild and handsome clothes. Added to wild unkempt hair, the rebellious taste what you represent dressing up like this will be very exciting. Daddy’s girls can have a try boldly. Even you wear a suit which can’t prim more, you can balance it with a pair lovely Christian Louboutin Boots.
    What’s more, you can have a fur cape on your shoulder randomly. At once, you will present out a taste of elegant. Smooth and polished manmade fox fur is the favorites of many people.
    A warm over coat and a charming lace dress go with your fur boots; the index will rise steeply at once.
    The advices for the above are what I can considered at present, if you have some others, please kindly tell me, I am glad to share our tips about beauty and dress-up.
    Following with more and more fashionable idea rushed into people’s concepts, many people even can not find out their own the correct mind about fashion. In the other word, they don’t know what are real fashionable and what is not. However, Christian Louboutin has never been made you have that feeling. On the contrary, Christian Louboutin always leads a new and elegant fashion trend for the world. I believe in Christian Louboutin, and believe in the fashionable idea of Louboutin.
    In the same way, Christian Louboutin boots of this season will take more surprises to you. His designs always have a strong visual appeal.Using the most popular concepts to read Louboutin’s designs and have a nice enjoy in visual and heart. Do you want something warm but not too heavy in this winter? I think so very much! You can choose the latest style of Christian Louboutin fur boots. They will give you an elegant, fashionable image and a warm winter.
    At the same time, give yourself a chance to accept Christian Louboutin’s fashionable concept and have a try. Warm Young girls, a daring step to discover beauty and sexy is important to you.

    About the Author

    If you love Christian Louboutint shoes, if you interested in Christian Louboutin, please choose a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for yourself, you will neverbe disappointed.

    Avatar Contact Lenses

    Avatar is one of those box office hits that has smashed many records and is still a film everybody loves to watch and talk about. The film reportedly took 10 years to write, plan, film and complete costing an estimated $280million – $310million plus a reported $150million for the promotion of the film. With all the hype surrounding Avatar, which still remains as they have released the extended version in cinemas everyone seems to be going crazy to look like the Na’vi. Getting yourself some blue body paint and braiding your hair can be a time consuming task when wanting to look like the Na’vi, but easily done and there are sure to be some inspired costumes being marketed. However, those beautiful Avatar eyes are one of a kind and hard to mimic, but with Avatar contact lenses you will have the look down to perfection.

    Set in 2154 on the planet Pandora, Marine Jake Sully takes on his twin brother’s job to help scientists gather the information and research they want, whilst not knowing allowing the greedy RDA Cooperation to gather as much natural resources as possible by driving the natives away from their homeland. Whilst going in between being an ‘Avatar’ and a regular Marine, Sully is befriended by the beautiful Naytiri and as the story evolves so to does their relationship. However, the RDA have other plans…

    Get the facts

    Avatar won three top awards; Best cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction as well as being named the highest grossing film of all time in the USA and Canada and Worldwide, grossing more than $2billion. Avatar became the second largest December opening for a film in the USA and Canada, however ‘I am Legend’ still remains at the top spot. Everyone went mad for our blue friends with people visiting the cinema to watch the film numerous times. Then came the DVD which saw sales shooting through the roof. With the spectacular special effects and touching storyline it is no surprise why we are all such massive fans of this epic adventure.


    As said previously the only thing that may take some time to look for are finding the suitable eye shade, getting the tones of yellow with the subtly of the green to perfection, but with the Avatar lenses your outfit will be complete and you will look like a true Na’vi.

    About the Author

    Eyesbright is a specialist online retail store for fashion contact lenses and also one of the leading suppliers of Halloween contacts and can also be found at Avatar Contact Lenses

    Make Bad Hair Days a Thing Of The Past with Cheap Hair Wigs

    Cheap hair wigs can transform your look in a matter of seconds; they are ideal for every woman who wants to make bad hair days a thing of the past. The cheap price of the hair extensions does not mean that they will make you look cheap; to the contrary some of these extensions are difficult to distinguish from real hair.

    There are some people who are simply not blessed with great hair; despite what they do to their hair, they seem to suffer from bad hair days every other day. Regular visits to a hair care specialist do not come cheap, but there are wide selections of cheap hair wigs in the market which can help you to instantly change your look.

    There are women who have short hair and would simply love to have long hair; even if for just one day. Cheap hair wigs are available in various lengths, shades, cuts and styles. Every woman can find an ideal wig that works for her needs.

    If you intent to wear a wig regularly, consider buying lace front wigs; which are simply stuck to the hair line using special tape, for stability. The resemble real hair, if fixed well, and they are a good alternative to sewn weaves which eventually cause receding hair lines.

    When buying cheap hair wigs, equate the process to going to your stylist for a cut or a new hair style.  Select one which looks good on you and works well for your needs. For instance, shoulder length wigs work well for women who work in formal offices while the extremely long wigs are ideal for college students or for a party look.

    Cheap hair wigs are also a good addition to your special occasion’s wardrobe, when paired with costumes. Halloween, New Year’s parties and themed parties are some of the occasions when you might require a wig to complete your preferred costume.

    Remember that, just like conventional hair wigs in general, need proper maintenance; if they are expected to serve the wearer for long periods of time. Wash the hair extension regularly and store it on a dummy head; if you have one. Otherwise, store the wig on wall pegs as they would be worn. Avoid stuffing wigs in bags or drawers, because they might get entangled and create an added task of untangling them.

    Carefully select cheap hair wigs in order to get the best quality hair extension. There are some hair wigs which are poorly made and hence sold cheaply. Buy the hair extensions from reputable stores to guarantee that you are getting good quality wigs.


    About the Author

    DinoDire China Limited ( is one of the biggest global online retailers. It offers a great quantity of products with competitive price by cutting the middleman and offering products directly to the terminal consumers.
    DinoDirect possesses a great many software products with proprietary intellectual property rights, owns technological superiority and an efficient marketing team among the similar industry.

    Are custom cowboy boots too expensive? They don’t have to be.

    Thinking about having a pair of custom-made cowboy boots made?
    Yes? Then you can expect to pay more for them, than just buying a pair that’s manufactured and ‘off the rack’ but they don’t have to cost you a small fortune.

    So what’s a fair price for a pair of custom made cowboy boots? According to Miguel Jones of Jones Boots (, prices at some custom boot makers may seem too expensive for what you actually get, but at other bootmakers, prices are fair. He thinks his prices are more than fair.

    The cruel reality of it is that what you are asked to pay is often based upon what you are willing to pay. It seems that many of today’s consumers think that the more expensive a custom-made item is, the more it is worth and is therefore more highly valued by others.

    If you are buying a custom-made item … from a pair of cowboy boots to a hand-made automobile, you have to ask yourself why you are buying it? If you want it custom made to meet your specific needs and desires, fine. On the other hand, if you are buying the item to impress others and show them just how much money you have and can spend, then there are craftsman and others out there, who are more than willing to take your money.

    When considering a pair of custom made cowboy boots you should consider a number of things. The styles offered, the leathers available, the options from which you can select (color, heel type and height, etc) and most importantly, the comfort and fit. Also, think about how you intend to wear them and for what purpose? Buying a pair of cowboy boots for formal dress occasions can be entirely different than having a pair made for everyday wear or even for a hard day’s work. Compare makers and the styles they offer and the final products shown and also consider price.

    One other important consideration can be the process of how they are made and with what materials. For custom-made cowboy boots you should be getting the best leathers and the most skilled construction techniques. The ‘art of bootmaking’ should also figure into your evaluation.

    Finally, look closely at the final products you may see in boot shops or on bootmaker websites and ask yourself if you honestly like what you see? Will you wear those boots?

    If you just have to buy ‘Brand Y’ cowboy boots because you know their name and they are famous, consider that you might just be paying for all the advertising and marketing that is required to make you aware of their brand name. The boots from ‘Brand Y’ may be no better than the boots from other bootmakers whose names may not be quite as familiar or ‘famous’. If you are buying ‘Brand Y’ because their ‘name’ is well known … perhaps it’s not the best investment of your money.

    For a complete library of articles on buying and making custom cowboy boots, you can visit

    About the Author

    Keith Luke is a writer, website designer and media performer with decades of experience but is always learning and he tries to share what he’s learned.

    Underwear As Outerwear

    A new fashion trend is upon us! Yes, you’ve guessed it. After exploring almost every fashion forward style in the world the inevitable has happened, styling up your underwear so it can make its presence known in an outfit is now the height of fashion. But it’s not quite as simple as pulling your pants over your jeans Superman style or wearing your bra over a t-shirt. The new trend for underwear as outerwear requires a lot more thought and fashion know how than that.

    Underwear as outerwear is the latest trend to hit the catwalks this season and, with many of the most fashion conscious celebrities leading the way, this new style is all set to make its presence felt in the high street this autumn. To be successful at this new fashion trend there are a few rules you should follow. Firstly don’t just disrobe and head out for a night out on the town in your pants: it’s all about layering up an outfit so that your normally hidden garments can get a chance to subtly shine to give you the fashion edge.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to pick up a few choice pieces of underwear which you can work into an outfit. But beware, simply picking any old underwear won’t do. You need a little sophistication and a lot of style to get the best out of your undies. Make sure you stick to specific bras that have thicker straps and great tailoring, try using the 50′s bikini swimsuits as inspiration. Go for a subtle style and great materials when picking out pieces so you can be assured they will make a good impact when you don your new outfit. Also, be careful not to over do the look, some of the best styles only show a fraction of the underwear creating a sexy but elegant statement.

    Corsets are one of the more adaptable pieces of lingerie regularly making an appearance on the catwalk and fashion pages. If you like this look, opt for a well fitting corset and make sure you pick subtle and toning colours so you don’t end up looking like an extra from ‘Moulin Rouge’!

    Plenty of high street shops are stocking lingerie items that encourage all of us, no matter our body shape or confidence, to get in on the act. Many more evening dresses and tops are being designed along these lines and are readily available in mainstream outlets. Take a look online or in the high street for corset inspired dresses and shorter cropped tops as alternatives to a basic bras

    Although the trend may seem quite daring at first, once you’ve taken your first step out with your bra on show you will quickly find that fashion overtakes the fear and you will end the day feeling fabulous about yourself. What’s more you finally get a good excuse to show off all that lovely lingerie you’ve spent a fortune on.

    About the Author

    Paul Buchanan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

    Type of Lingerie for Women-Amante Presents its Latest Range

    Lingerie is more than just an undergarment that a woman wears inside. It actually defines the personality of women and also makes her feel good inside. The perfect Lingerie can very well enhance the personality of a woman. Getting the perfect fit of lingerie is very important while buying such lingerie, wearing one of the wrong sizes can spoil the beauty of your outfit making you look messy. These are available in a huge range, variety, style and colors. One will surely get spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing such innerwear. From those sporty ones to that ultra feminine sexy Lingerie one can choose accordingly.

    The term ‘Lingerie’ was first derived from the French word ‘linge’ which implies “washables.” Initially, it was made of linen but later on it began to be used in other forms like those made of cotton and other fabrics. The first concept of Lingerie was first introduced in the later part of the nineteenth century. Nowadays the most preferred fabric that is used in making such innerwear are those made of cotton, nylon, Lycra, polyester, cotton, lace, mesh, silk, satin and sheer. Cotton is the most preferred choice of fabric when it comes to choosing undergarments for regular wear due to the lightness of the fabric.

    If you are comfortable with your body then you can opt for those daring and bold designs or cuts in animal print. Again if you want to look ultra feminine on a romantic date with your partner then you can opt for those which are made of lace, satin or sheer. While lace can help you in portraying a sexy yet attractive self those made of sheer will leave very little to the imagination of your man. Again if you want something for regular use, you can opt for those in basic cottons which will not only impart a sense of comfort but is also are the perfect choice for use day-in and day-out.

    There are a lot of reputed brands from where you can choose your favorite piece of undergarment. Amante is a global brand which has emerged as a leading name in the Indian market. Their products are made as per the international standards and in keeping with the body type and sensibility of the Indian women. It has launched its products all over the market spread across India and all over the world. Amante has its store in over 250 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and other prominent places in India. The major profit of this brand is derived from the major part of northern India.

    Amante has first started off as a brand in Sri-Lanka and is now trying to gain a foothold in India. Amante showcases a huge style of design, style, cuts and patterns that has been designed to cater to the international clients. Some of the best designs are the ones in lace to bring out that feminine appeal. Brand Amante is sure to make you feel more beautiful not just inside but also will enhance your asset making you look more attractive. These are mainly knitted in cotton, lace and sheer material preferred for use on a daily basis for comfort and elegance.

    About the Author

    Manishankar is a Journalist who writes articles on various online web topics and latest related ones on Lingerie. Get to know more about such Amante in our website.

    The Appeal of Sexy Lingerie

    The loving passion between men and women is most violent among all the human emotions, yet it is as unendurable as it is violent. It is just like a fire which needs woods to sustain its flickering flame. And occasional surprises are just woods to sustain the burning fire within the hearts of men and women.

    Usually, it is a man sends gifts to his girlfriend. But what can a girl do to cheer up her boyfriend? Men, in general, have little appreciation for material gifts which often can win the heart of a girl. Therefore, most girls will find mans are hard to amuse. According to me, however, it is because they don’t really know what a man wants. While falling in love, a man sees only beauty in the girl and hopes the beauty will last forever. As a matter of fact, man always sees his girlfriend in the way he appreciates a painting. So now you must have came to know what a man wants. Yeah, you yourself are just one of the best gifts for boyfriend.

    Perhaps you aren’t confident enough in your appearance. It is of no problem. sexy lingerie will perfectly hide the unsatisfactory parts of your body and manifest the most beautiful side of you. Nevertheless, girls still tend to shy away from talking about sexy lingerie, let alone wearing it. But it is your boyfriend who beholds you in sexy lingerie. On considering of this, I think girls don’t need to feel so embarrassing and disconcerting about wearing sexy lingerie. Or think it in another way. Having staying together for days, months or years, your boyfriend might have already used to or even grown tired of how you look in the ordinary life. That means his heart no longer palpitates as violently as he saw you for the first time as the passion of your love begins cooling down.

    It can also signal a possible crisis of your relations. At such moment, a sudden surprise is needed. Sexy lingerie serves for this end perfectly. Suppose a scenario – you display your beautiful body in sexy lingerie to your boyfriend. Of course, it is better if there is candlelight lighting or music playing in the room. I guess he will feel hard to believe in what he saw as you are so different from what are in ordinary time. He may even pull you into arms and kiss you all over. Can’t it be romantic?

    About the Author

    The author just loves the feeling of being a woman. She loves all things that related with fashion, clothes, footwear, bags, unique accessories, economic (Oh that’s an exception), food and everything that is beautiful and chic. She keeps trying to share the best article with you.

    Why Good Hair Dryers Are More Expensive

    Do you have a hair dryer right now and if so, how much did you pay for it? Did you buy it at a local retail store? The reason I ask this is because most people buy their blow dryers at a local retail store and the reason they do is because that is where they see them, but the truth is that this is not the best place to buy them. One of the reasons why this is not the best place to buy them is because all of these blow dryers are too expensive for what they do simply because that is what the store wants to charge for them. That brings me to what I wanted to talk to you about today, why good hair dryers are more expensive.

    If you have purchased a hair dryer before then you know that they are not all the same and that some of them offer a lot more than others. What most people don’t understand is that one of the first things that a good hair dryer offers is a good warranty to go along with it and because of that the price will go up automatically. The nice part about getting a good warranty is that you don’t have to worry about your hair dryer breaking down on you anytime soon but the bad thing is that you will have to pay a little bit extra for it.

    Something else that you need to know about why good blow dryers are more expensive is because they are built much stronger than a regular blow dryer is. What I mean by this is that they are built out of high quality materials that are most likely use for professional products instead of materials that will easily break and wear down. Trust me on this one, when it comes to buying a hair dryer you want to buy something that is of professional grade or else you run the risk of having it break down on you at any time.

    The final thing that you need to understand is that most good hair dryers are not sold in local retail stores and the reason they are not is because most people will not buy them. If you are thinking about getting a good blow dryer then I suggest looking online or at a hair salon because those are the 2 best places to find the best hair dryers out there.

    About the Author

    Kristy is a work at home mom of 2 and a writer. Hair Products Pro offers the Best Hair Dryers, Hairdressing Shears and the Best Flat Iron. Hair Products Pro offers Free Same Day Shipping for orders over $75.

    Sharp – Styled With Wedding Bags

    Wedding is perhaps the most important day in the life of a woman. Usually women looked really good and also feel good at their wedding day, this is not only because of the excitement, but it is also their happiest moment. It is your day, and to make the most of it, you need to look different from others. Maybe you have bought the best gown from the best designer, and you have ordered the beautiful shoes you really want, you can purchase the wedding bags to complete your look. Wedding bags are actually out of fashion for these years, but today it is become popular again.

    You cannot just wear your usual bag for your wedding. You will need to find the most beautiful bag to match with your wedding gown. If you are looking for the best types of wedding bags for your wedding, you will need to ensure that it is really comfortable because you will carry it for a few hours during the time of wedding ceremony. If you are not satisfied with the shape and size of the bags available in the market, there are shops that can make a custom made bag for you to suit your requirements on your most auspicious day.

    You must not buy a bag that is too gaudy or flashy as you also have to keep the solemnity of the occasion. Of course it is not wrong at all to choose the best bags that will be very eye catching to differentiate yourself from the other ladies that are attending the ceremony too. If you buy the bag, try to find the bag that will be enough to carry the things you will need on your wedding day. Never buy a very big bag or a very small bag. You will need to find the bag that really fit into your personality and match with the dress that you are wearing.

    Wedding bags that are a rage these days are known as clutch bags. These bags were popular before, before they were kicked from the fashion hype by other types of bag. Now they are really popular again. These are small bags that look sophisticated in comparison to large shoulder bags that often look comical and wieldy to carry with your exquisite wedding gown. Normally these bags are white in color and are adorned with pearls and crystals. There are many shapes of clutch bags, so you can find the one that really fit with your personality and match it with your gown.

    These clutch bags are so much in demand that even bridesmaids are carrying them during the wedding and an ensemble of these bags really looks cute during the ceremony. These clutch bags are given as wedding gifts to the bridesmaids so when you go to buy yours, make sure to buy wedding bags for the bridesmaids as well.

    About the Author

    A Gucci Outlet offers an endless selection of top quality and highly fashionable items to pick and choose from. Get the low down on this great shop now in our guide to comprehensive fab Gucci Shoulder Bags.